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As a spiritual guide and healer having delved into the occult history of tarot, runes and astrology, I have been a practitioner of yoga and meditation from childhood.

A mystic and occultist, I am a content Creator on numerous platforms from video to Blogs.

I seek to bring to you a synthesis of diverse traditions and systems ready for a contemporary and modern world synthesized and interpreted from ancient Knowledge .

Read my blogs, watch my videos to get an idea of how to create a clear vision of your future and learn about the archetypes present in your natal chart and how to optimize them for your soul evolution.

Read my astrology and mystical blogs for an exploration into the occult and the spirit world. As a spirit worker, tarot reader and healer who is here help and guide you through the matrix of life in this 3d samsaria. Only one perspective in Universal observance is itself, for love is the only truth.., nothing else matters! So guiding you in this universal chaos to find equilibrium and peace of mind is my calling . Allow yourself to become the best version of yourself.

Awarded for the top 100 Astrology Blog.

Tina Mukerji Achievement

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10 years of Experience in the Astro & Tarot field.

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